The configurator is currently being revised, which is why this service cannot be offered at the moment.


The chargeX configurator is an innovative online tool that enables users to design the Aqueduct charging system individually and according to their needs. This tool is specifically designed to make the process of assembling and adapting a charging system for electric vehicles as easy and efficient as possible. With the chargeX configurator, users can create a tailor-made solution that is precisely tailored to their specific needs and requirements.

The main features of the ChargeX configurator include:

  1. Selection of charging points: Users can choose the number of charging points that their system should include. This allows the charging system to be flexibly scaled in accordance with requirements and spatial conditions. Whether it is a small private parking lot or a large commercial complex, the configurator offers solutions for every scale.
  2. Adjusting the connection load: Connected load is a critical factor for the efficiency and performance of a charging system. With the configurator, users can determine the optimal connection capacity for their system, which leads to improved charging efficiency and lower operating costs.
  3. Choice of cable lengths: The length of the connection cables between the Aqueduct charging modules is another key element that offers flexibility during installation. Users can determine the required cable lengths to ensure optimal placement of the charging modules and to maximize the aesthetics and accessibility of the charging system.
  4. Selecting the billing model: Another outstanding feature of the configurator is the ability to choose between different billing models. This option is of particular interest to commercial operators, as it allows simple and effective management of charging processes and costs. The integrated software features support various billing models, which offer a flexible and user-friendly solution for managing electric vehicle charges.