More plugs - more guests

Charging solution for hotels

With the Aqueduct charging system and the automatic billing solution, you can offer your guests more service!
Direct contact with e-car drivers as a target group
Number of charging points grows with demand
Automated billing
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Charging solution with many benefits

Benefits for your guests

Attract a steadily growing target group of electric drivers
Convenient and easy charging
Comfortable and stress-free stay
Automated, transparent billing
Eco-conscious choice

Benefits for your hotel

Increase your sales thanks to charging infrastructure
Charging infrastructure as a decisive booking criterion
Increasing sales through charging infrastructure
Sustainable positioning
Improved competitiveness, e.g. on booking platforms
flexibly expandable

Charging infrastructure for every size of hotel

The selection of a hotel for a vacation or business trip usually starts with an initial Google search and is then continued on popular online platforms. For hotel operators, providing charging infrastructure offers the opportunity to tap into new customer segments and strengthen their commitment to greater sustainability. Through timely investment, hotels can not only improve their current situation, but also gain a decisive competitive advantage for the future in the long term.

Charging system for every size
Small hotels up to 25 guest rooms
Hotels up to 300 guest rooms
Franchise hotels, hotel chains

Our complete package for your hotel

With the Aqueduct charging system, you get the complete solution for quick installation, smooth start-up, easy billing and outstanding support.

Charging system

Thanks to the plug & play principle, the Aqueduct charging system can be extended to up to 10 charging points at any time in just a few minutes. This saves you time and installation costs. Thanks to the multiple socket, the e-cars are charged alternately or sequentially with just one network connection - saving your guests the hassle of parking at charging stations.


Manage and control all charging processes with our dashboard. Our dashboard is completely developed in-house, which means that you don't need any other interfaces. If you have any questions, our support team is always happy to help you directly.



Get direct and personalized answers. Our in-house support team is there for you by phone or email.

Installation service

With our partner network of electricians, we support you throughout the entire installation process. From planning to commissioning.
Hard facts

The Aqueduct charging system

Patented charging system for demand-based power distribution, prevents grid bottlenecks and creates transparency and efficiency when charging electric vehicles. Thanks to the plug & play concept, the Aqueduct charging system saves a lot of effort in planning, installation and subsequent expansion.
Flexible and quickly expandable

The Aqueduct start module can be installed on a conventional 11 kW or 22 kW supply line. The additional modules can be connected within a few minutes via plug & play. A start module can be extended to up to 10 modules. There is no faster and easier installation.

Current measurement in accordance with verification law

The Aqueduct charging system is available in two variants. The standard system has an MID-compliant electricity meter in the start module and measures the current with phase accuracy. Our verification law compliant variant has a certified electricity meter at every charging point and allows electricity to be sold to third parties.

Integrated load management

Thanks to the integrated charge & load management, overloading the power grid is avoided and an even distribution of power consumption is ensured. The targeted control or prioritization of charging processes is controlled by our app. This gives every vehicle exactly the range it needs.

Indoor and outdoor installation

Whether on house walls or underground car parks, a cost-effective, quick and uncomplicated installation can be guaranteed. If there is no possibility of surface mounting, e.g. in free-standing parking spaces, our steel steels are also easy to install here

Production & quality assurance

We develop and produce entirely in Germany. At our location in Munich-Laim, a team of 60 people is working on the continuous development of the Aqueduct charging system. Production takes place at our partner in the greater Munich area.

More about the charging system

Reception dashboard for easy billing & management

In the following video, our colleague and Head of Digital Service Lukas Bobinger gives an overview of the most important functions of the reception dashboard and billing system.
Control & transparency
Billing & Allocation
Service & Monitoring


With the reception dashboard, you can define charging cards and prices, among other things. It is also possible to start or stop charging processes.


With just a few clicks, create a receipt for your guests when they check out, which documents every loading process — simply and transparently.


Keep track of your charging system. With the dashboard, you can precisely track your guests' charging processes.
Read it again step by step?

This is how your guests pay

Regardless of whether you prefer to bill your guests manually or automatically, we offer both options. Manual billing is carried out using our reception dashboard, and automated billing is carried out using mobile direct payment.

Manually - via RFID card

When checking in, your guest receives a charging card that can be used to identify all their charging processes. All you have to do is hold the charging card in front of the charging system and you can start charging. When you check out, you create corresponding statements with just three clicks.

Automated - via direct payment

Would you prefer that your guests pay online themselves immediately after charging? No problem! Our direct payment solution makes this possible. By scanning the QR code on the charging module, the guest is directed directly online to the payment process and carried out. This saves you the hassle of creating an invoice.
Would you like to find out more?

White paper “Revenue growth through electric mobility in the hospitality sector”

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Your questions, our answers

Should you have any further questions, our support is of course available at any time. We are looking forward to your message!
How long does installation take?
All you have to do is install the Aqueduct start module. Thanks to our plug & play principle, this can then be easily and flexibly expanded with up to 9 charging modules. An unattractive renovation phase is thus avoided.
Who does the detailed planning?
We would be happy to analyse your needs and create a tailor-made concept for your optimal charging infrastructure.
What are the installation costs?
Thanks to our efficient and innovative solutions, the installation costs for our charging system are significantly reduced. Only one network connection is required to connect up to 10 charging points.
How easy is it to expand or convert a charging system?
Let's say you already have a charging system with, for example, four charging points. You can then order additional expansion modules, connect plug and play and use them directly after a system restart without further configuration. It is not necessary to install new supply lines or register anything with the network operator because there is no change in the network connection capacity.
How does the billing system work?
Thanks to our special dashboard specifically for hotels, it is possible to manage every charging process of hotel guests. An individual statement can then be created for each guest and added with the hotel bill.spaces.

We are happy to advise you