Installation service

ChargeX installation service for the Aqueduct charging system

We install for you with our regional master companies
Everything from a single source — advice, installation, hardware and operation
Regional master company - qualified specialist partner

Your benefits

ChargeX offers professional installation of the Aqueduct charging system by local teams or regional partners. Thanks to our network, we implement projects quickly and efficiently. Highest quality and reliability are our aim to inspire you!

Everything from a single source

We provide hardware, software and operation that are perfectly coordinated and therefore ensure easy charging.

Regional specialist partners

Together with our certified master companies, we have trained installers near you.

Quick, easy & transparent

We take care of communication, order placement and verification. You don't have to worry about anything else.

How the installation service works

Your request

After we have received your request, an initial digital consultation will be carried out by our experts. We will then connect you with a regional specialist partner.

Appointment on site

During an appointment on site, our specialist partner gets an idea of the situation to ensure that all requirements for an installation are met.


We will provide you with an offer for hardware, software and installation. Thanks to the plug & play system, this is significantly less expensive than with conventional providers.

Installation & start-up

Our specialist partner will install and commission the charging modules on your site.


Last but not least, you will receive a digital onboarding from us, in which we will explain to you in detail how it works and how to use it. After that, you can start charging worry-free!

Lower installation costs

Thanks to our plug & play solution, up to 10 charging modules can be connected to one supply line. As a result, installation costs are significantly reduced.
1 supply line = X charging points
Optimized KfW funding rate of 70%
Integrated load management & demand-based charging management
Thanks to our plug & play solution, you can save up to 50% of installation costs.
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Our scope of services

We support the entire process for you

On-site property inspection & preparation of offers
Charging infrastructure project planning with registration and approval from the local network operator
Start-up test and notification of network operators
Project approval, documentation and onboarding
Installation lines, etc.
- meter cabinet, backup fuses and cable routing
- Aqueduct charging system assembly
- Integration with EMS, mobile communications and local area networks
- Foundations, pillars and earth movements
Dashboard mockup

We are happy to advise you

In a personal consultation, we will be happy to answer your questions and provide an initial price calculation.