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Our press contact Lisa Vogl will be happy to help you with all matters relating to public relations, publications and advertisements.
Lisa Vogl
Public Relations
+49 89 55002971

Press releases

ChargeX neuer Partner von SAP
Der Ladeinfrastruktur Anbieter setzt vollständig auf die SAP E-Mobilty Lösung für alle E-Ladepunkte.
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Speed limit, environmental awareness and social behavior: That's what makes German e-car drivers tick
E-mobility out of conviction: More than half drive their e-cars for the sake of the environment, are in favour of a speed limit and are willing to pay more for electricity than for gas. This is shown by a new study from ChargeX.
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Neuer CEO bei ChargeX: Tobias Scharfen folgt auf Tobias Wagner
Münchner Startup stellt sich in der Skalierungsphase neu auf und setzt auf die Erfahrung und Expertise des ehemaligen CSO Scharfen.
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Neue Partnerschaft zwischen ChargeX und DEHOGA Bayern
ChargeX wird erster Branchenpartner im Bereich E-Mobilität des regionalen deutschen Hotel- und Gaststättenverbands Bayern.
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Our mission

Comprehensive charging infrastructure!

To achieve our goal of sustainable mobility, our mission is to create a comprehensive charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Despite the challenges of the shortage of electricians and the restrictions on the power grid. We are determined to overcome these hurdles.
To do this, we want to use innovative technologies to turn every parking space into a charging station. In this way, we want to ensure that sustainable mobility is accessible to everyone and makes a significant contribution to environmental protection.

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ChargeX in the press


ChargeX: The advantages of wallboxes connected in series

10. Mai 2024
3 minutes reading time
series connection. That sounds like a physics kit, but it's the fundamental idea of ChargeX when it comes to wallboxes. We took a look at it in Lodenfrey Park.

Turn 1 into 4: expand e-charging points and secure a scrapping bonus

14. März 2024
4 minutes reading time
Demand for e-charging stations is growing in the hotel industry. A single or a few charging stations can quickly lead to bottlenecks.
Munich Startup

“4500 charging modules in the field for customers” — Chargex update

29. November 2023
5 minutes reading time
Munich-based startup Chargex develops and produces charging infrastructure solutions and products for electric vehicles. Since its founding in 2018, it has pursued the goal of installing as many charging points as possible.

ChargeX: From one to ten charging points in 60 seconds

24. November 2023
4 minutes reading time
ChargeX's only intelligent and patented multi-socket for e-cars in the world allows the installation of up to nine additional charging points per charging station.