Aqueduct charging system

Aqueduct is a scalable charging system for electric vehicles that consists of a starter module and optional expansion modules. Each module offers a maximum charging capacity of 22 kW and serves as an independent charging point. The start module can be connected directly to the electrical sub-distributor, which enables flexible adjustment to individual charging requirements.
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Installed charging points
Up to 9
Plug & Play expansion modules
MID & verification law compliant
Plug & Play installation
Future-proof & expandable
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Charging without limits: Aqueduct charging system

Aqueduct, your patented multi-socket for e-cars, combines future-proofing with plug & play simplicity. A starter module plus expansion modules result in a seamless, expandable solution. Setting up a large charging system can be so easy!
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Efficiently assembled, fully preconfigured

Your start into the future

The Aqueduct charging system, which can be used in indoor, underground and outdoor parking spaces, is available in MID-certified and verification compliant variants to meet various regulatory requirements. With just one power connection, it supports up to 10 charging points, with only the start module having to be registered with the network operator for start-up. This easy handling speeds up the installation process and reduces administrative effort.
Integrated charge & load management
MID & verification law compliant
Can be extended to up to 10 charging points at a later date

Out of the Box Ready: The start module comes fully preconfigured

Flexible growth thanks to plug & play expansion

Flexibility that grows with you

The Aqueduct charging system grows seamlessly with your needs, thanks to its plug & play plug-in system and pre-assembled connection cables of 1 to 9 meters (standard). This flexible extension allows individual adjustment of the system size, while load and load management is automatically configured during the boot sequence. This advanced technology saves around 70% of installation time and makes it easy to scale your charging infrastructure.
Plug & Play installation with connection cable
Individual adjustment of system size
No further approval required

Plug & play principle: Reduces effort by up to 70%

The Aqueduct charging system in detail?
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Unser Gesamtpaket für Sie

Mit dem Aqueduct Ladesystem erhalten Sie die Komplettlösung für eine schnelle Installation, reibungslose Inbetriebnahme, einfache Abrechnung und einem herausragenden Support. Da jedes Projekt individuell ist, entstehen bei der Installation unterschiedliche Kosten. Um eine Vorstellung zu bekommen wie viel Ihr Projekt kostet, fragen Sie bei uns gerne unverbindlich an.

Charging system

Thanks to the plug & play principle, the Aqueduct charging system can be extended to up to 10 charging points at any time in just a few minutes. This saves you time and installation costs. Thanks to the multiple socket, the e-cars are charged alternately or sequentially with just one network connection - saving your guests the hassle of parking at charging stations.
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Manage and control all charging processes with our dashboard. Our dashboard is completely developed in-house, which means that you don't need any other interfaces. If you have any questions, our support team is always happy to help you directly.
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Get direct and personalized answers. Our in-house support team is there for you by phone or email.
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Installation service

With our partner network of electricians, we support you throughout the entire installation process. From planning to commissioning.
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fields of application

A charging system for every occasion

The right charging system for every need: The Aqueduct charging system and management software adapt to all requirements, no matter how many e-cars you need to charge.
For the operational fleet

The flexible and cost-effective charging system for your operational fleet. For easy and convenient charging of many e-cars.

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For employees

The Aqueduct charging system scales with your needs — ideal for 5 to 5000 employees.

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For hotels

Increase your competitiveness and customer satisfaction with our charging system for guests with e-cars.

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For car dealerships and repair shops

Offer your customers added value with our charging system and underline your expertise in e-mobility.

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For real estate

Increase the value of your property and tenant satisfaction through modern charging infrastructure.

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Modular expansion and precise current measurement in the Aqueduct charging system

Extension modules can be easily connected to the previous module using plug & play. The Aqueduct charging system carries out phase-accurate current measurement using an MID-certified measuring device. For more precise requirements, the Aqueduct PROfessional charging system measures the current with a measurement capsule that complies with verification law.
Technical details

Aqueduct charging system data sheet

In our technical data sheet, you will find all technical details about our system.
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Highlights of the multiple socket

Why ChargeX?
With over 5 years of experience, >700 customers and >5,000 charging points, ChargeX is an expert in charging infrastructure. The Aqueduct charging system is the modular & flexible solution for every scenario. With its own development, sales and support department, ChargeX stands for solution-oriented & personal contact.
Who is the Aqueduct charging system suitable for?
For all private and semi-public locations with 2-1,000 charging points. The Aqueduct charging system is designed for parking areas with many cars and a long standstill, e.g. during the day at the employer or overnight in the housing industry.
What are the benefits of the Aqueduct charging system?
With the modular structure and the integrated load management You can easily install many charging points, despite limited network capacity. With the Plug & Play concept Do you always remain flexible and the charging system can grow with demand.
Is the Aqueduct charging system compliant with §14a EnWG?
Yes, the Aqueduct charging system is compliant with §14a EnWG and can therefore be controlled via the network. For network-oriented control of charging systems in accordance with Section 14a EnWG, there is currently the option of direct control or control using an energy management system. You can find out more about this here.

Do you have any questions?

Our support team is here to help. If you are interested in our Aqueduct intelligent charging system, please contact our sales team.