Quality policy statement

We are a Munich-based cleantech company. With our scalable charging system “Aqueduct” and our power sharing app “Drop” we solve one of the biggest challenges of e-mobility: the shortage of skilled workers and the limitations in our power grid. Our vision is to transform every parking space into a charging space within 60 seconds and guarantee a perfectly charged battery at the right time.

Our focus on the quality of our company aligns with the following aspects:

Environment and Society

ChargeX makes a difference with its vision for the environment and society. We want to provide society with high-quality access to charging infrastructure while building a backbone for the electrical revolution. As honest entrepreneurs, we are building an economically resilient venture with the best possible relationship between our suppliers, investors and partners. To generate the maximum environmental impact we select suppliers locally to constantly improve and fast while using fewer resources.


Our mindset is motivated and customer-centric and seeks to create continuous improvement in our products, services and processes through feedback from customers and also employees. Our team works together to build a better future and is open-minded to drive innovations quickly.

Product and Features

At ChargeX we believe our customers buy our products because of our strong customer-centric USP which solves the key problems in the current market. Cars are charged with the customer in mind, efficiently and on demand. Furthermore, we focus on a good user experience, which is the easiest installation of our devices but also the intuitive use of our app. Through Respect, Feedback and High-quality Customer Service, we aim to provide customers with our services for the long term.

Trust in Colleagues

Employees with a shared vision and a mindset of quality and continuous improvement work together to make independent decisions to develop the best-suited products and services to satisfy our customers and users. We understand that it requires bold moves and taking risks to become and stay the market leader in EV charging.


We are building our product to last since we have a responsibility to build an infrastructure that endures the changing environment. Our products are developed with the knowledge that after their first cycle, they can be upgraded and used again.